Fairy Interesting

Unreal has a fairy funny week.


It's called Thomas Kinkade's Christmas Cottage. Playing me, when I was 22 years old, is a wonderful young actor who you should Google — Jared Padalecki. He was a regular on the Gilmore Girls for years. By the way, in the movie, Glen Wessels [Kinkade's mentor], is played by the great Peter O'Toole.

Who taught you to be such a shrewd businessman?

kris chau

A painter has a great opportunity to share art if you don't get hung up on the idea of art as an original. Andy Warhol said the greatest art is the art that is seen by the most people. The kind of work I've done over the years has been broadly accepted, just like Norman Rockwell was in his day.

Do you ever feel your work lacks a touch of reality?

I don't have any interest in celebrating the bitter realities of life.

So why do you paint homeless people?

It's just diversity. It's just another way to observe the world, but I'm very strategic about the way I communicate with my public. I protect the Kinkade vision, the Kinkade message. That's the one I believe in.

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