8:30 p.m. Saturday, September 8. Creepy Crawl, 3524 Washington Boulevard


$10 advance, $12 day of show. 314-531-3888
Since forming in Brooklyn in 2002, Akron/Family has been called everything from freak-folk to avant-pop. In reality, the band's inventive brand of rock probably falls somewhere between those two worlds — think a less pretentious Devendra Banhart fronting a jam band — and pairs a pop infrastructure with virtuosic improvisation. (This unique juxtaposition caught the attention of Swans frontman Michael Gira, who has released all the band's material on his Young God label.) Considering Akron/Family's hectic international touring schedule, it should come as no surprise that the band sports Rip Van Winkle-esque beards, but don't let the facial hair throw you — Akron/Family's frenzied live performances are anything but a snooze.