Dio of Reckoning

Sabbath's Ronnie James Dio isn't into preaching, but Kanye and Fiddy's are.

Heaven and Hell: Two sides of the same coin.
Heaven and Hell: Two sides of the same coin.


$49.50 to $79.50. 636-896-4200.
:30 p.m. Sunday, September 23. Family Arena, 2002 Arena Parkway, St. Charles.

You can't say it about Fiddy, nor would he expect it. Seldom has an artist delivered so precisely what was expected — and in that sense, you could almost call Curtis a success. Millions of fans probably will, since the disc is a pop-hook-packed recap of every chart-tested move 50 has made thus far. The one difference is that in many cases — "Ayo Technology," featuring Timbaland and Justin Timberlake, or "Follow My Lead," with gentle crooner Robin Thicke — the star is content to cede the spotlight, neatly sidestepping the question of his own involvement or growth. The query gets answered anyway, though, on "Fully Loaded Clip," a weak rewrite of 50's true, pre-fame classic, "How To Rob." He must now resort to lampooning fellow emcees and their famous girlfriends; instead of imagining ripping off other rappers, he's content to rob himself. The theft is understandable, but it also illustrates why the conventional wisdom about these two very different albums was, indeed, very wise. — Dan LeRoy

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