Great Scot

Unreal contemplates going commando in a kilt, rethinks our baby hosiery preferences and rides with our new bestest amigo, Carlos Mencia.

Mencia: Then they stole my fucking idea!

[During another off-air break, Mencia says he's gotten over comedic backstabbing.]

Mencia: Comics have always been little bitches about — I tell young comics: Just do your shit. It just happens. People are going to take your stuff when it's funny.

Dan Zettwoch
Sam Wilson / WENN

[Sympathetic, Cornett relates a story about an audience member who chided comedian Eddie Gosling, who has lost tons of weight, for stealing a joke from "that fat guy," inspiring Unreal to finally pipe up]: What about when audience members accuse comics of stealing jokes?

Mencia: That is bad for comedy, dude. You're out to have a good time. You're not going to listen to a love song and go, "Hey, that's bullshit! I already heard a song about a guy that couldn't get the girl and in the end he got her!" It's like: Yeah, fucker, that's every other love song, you dickhead. Let us do our thing.

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