Buckiní Backhoes

Unreal does the "Thriller" dance, sips Starbucks with a fellow ex-barista and ponders the logistics of a backhoe rodeo.

Unreal visited a practice session last week to learn more about Millitzer's calling. She was so busy working the floor with some 50 zombies that we pumped her husband, Joe, for a few explanations.

Unreal: Really, there's just one question to ask, and that is, why?

Joe Millitzer: It's a neat thing to do for October, but the back story is this: We were out at Hooters after her sister's wedding, and one of her sister's bridesmaids busted out into the dance right in the middle of Hooters, and we were all like, "Wow!" Katie basically decided: I need to know how to do that.

Dan Zettwoch

And you were, like...?


So she wasn't predisposed.

She's really into zombies. Loves zombies. We get zombie movies on Netflix once a week. And we've checked out the Zombie Squad in St. Louis. I think she likes the concept of "the other." I personally checked out the Michael Jackson jacket selling on eBay, and they want like $200 to $400 for it! It's insane! I guess it's all about the zippers.

Aha. So is everybody going to dress up?

As Katie likes to say, you died when you became a zombie, so whether you're a sailor or a French maid, come as you are — just zombie it up a little bit.

I guess she'll have to go as Michael.

Yeah, I'm working on it. We'll get her a black wig. We want to make her look like Michael Jackson looks now — like a white lady. It shouldn't be hard.

Easier than the dance, anyway!

Want to join in? Be at the Mid-County Y (1900 Urban Dr., Brentwood; 314-962-9450) by 7:15 p.m. sharp on Monday, October 22.

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