This Unreal Believes

Unreal goes night driving, dances in our underwear and curls up with a copy of This I Believe.

Unreal logged on and immediately discovered Lightening, who describes his bad self as "300 pounds of unstoppable white briefed fury." Dude has amazing control over his jiggle. Most impressively, he appears to be performing in his office. As of this writing, he has won all fifteen of his prelims.

But he faces a real challenge in Thedancingbear. Thedancingbear also performs in his workplace (a warehouse), but whereas Lightening dances in solitude, Thedancingbear has an appreciative audience that cheers and whistles off-camera. Lightening still has the better jiggle.

We e-mailed Patty McIntosh, Jockey's Internet marketing manager, to find out more about the tournament and to better suss out Lightening's chances.

Unreal: Is this meant to be a challenge to Victoria's Secret's slinking and Fruit of the Loom's dancing grapes?

Patty McIntosh: At Jockey, we like to say that in a world where you can be anything, the most wonderful thing you can be is yourself.

What's been the most popular underwear to show off dancing moves?

For men, boxers and boxer briefs appear to be most common, and for women, it's mainly bikini bottoms and boy shorts.

Who appears to be the frontrunner so far?

There are some UnderWarriors that are very active, challenging other UnderWarriors to bouts, doing some good-spirited trash-talking, and making the most out of the experience. We'll have to let the voting, which is done entirely by the public, decide who is the ultimate UnderWarrior.

What do you think of Lightening's chances?

Lightening has some nice moves. PartyPants does some truly hilarious dancing in his video, the group called "Bootylicious" has a really clever video — it's really incredible what people have come up with. Very impressive.

Has Lightening inspired any Jockey employees to dance in their offices?

We're all dancing in our underwear right now. 

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