Lawsuits fly as Crystal City residents try to stop construction of a pig iron production plant.

Kerr, who has right of way access to his property through the PPG site, says he's located abandoned sewers and fuel lines on the old glass factory that he believes may be responsible for two recent fish kills in nearby Plattin Creek. Kerr claims he's also found more than 123 title problems to the property.

Unlike the other lawsuits filed against the smelter, Kerr says he plans to file his latest suit, not in Jefferson County Circuit Court, but in federal court.

"Since the beginning the city has alleged that I'm an outsider — and the only one behind stopping the smelter," says Kerr. "That of course is untrue, but that's also why I plan to file this lawsuit in federal court. It takes it out of the realm of the good ol' boys."

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