That's Not Sporting!

Isn't poor sportsmanship OK when you know you're right?

I just came back from SPCA with him and he is bleeding a bit. I placed him on the balcony (caged) for a rest and to be sure he stops bleeding before I return him to his colony.

While I was ferrying between Discovery Bay and Mui Wo, I was pondering the idea that I live on an island. I am an island dweller, if you please. I never believed that I wouldn't be landlocked, having come from St. Louis, Missouri, United States and having lived in the state of Missouri my entire life. Being landlocked had just become a norm for me. I came to expect land on all sides and now I have water on all sides. Nearly every where I travel in Hong Kong there is water in view and if not, well it is just a short walk or bus ride away.

I think it is kinda cool being an island dweller, although if I were to imagine myself an island dweller it would be more tropical and with a bit of white sand. And don't forget the coconuts. There are many more coconuts in my head. Take that however you wish. It is the funniest thing I have said all day...

Joe Rocco

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