Old is the New New

No offense, but you have a lot of old crap sitting around the house. Maybe you could get rid of — no? How 'bout you at least spruce it up? Scott Hepper can help you find a way. At 5:30 p.m. Hepper hosts "In with the Old, Out with the New" at the Samuel Cupples House (3673 West Pine Mall; 314-977-3575). You bring him a shabby knickknack, he'll use his design acumen to re-purpose it into a lovely tchotchke. And while he's working his magic, you can drink wine out of your new complimentary Cupples House wine glass. Admission is $10; visit cupples.slu.edu for directions on dropping off your item in advance, or BYO artifact the evening of the show.
Wed., Jan. 30, 2008
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