Band of Horses finds its rhythm from evolution.

Ben Bridwell points out there's no "me" in "band."

These explorations might include what Bridwell calls "more soulful jammers," following in the style of songs Band of Horses has covered, such as Hall & Oates' "You Make My Dreams Come True" and Them Two's "Am I A Good Man?" But the possibilities for the future seem endless. "We'll explore everything," he says. "I think we finally have the talent with us to maybe drum up some soul instead of just my whiny, white-boy ass."

This self-deprecating modesty seems natural for Bridwell, who comes across like a typical dude's dude in conversation, a guy who would be great to just have a beer and hang out with. More important, his personality lends itself well to the more democratic and collaborative vision that he has for his band's future.

"We've really tried to take inspiration from the move, and I'm just excited to keep that going on the tour and start using the influences from those guys like Ryan and Bill and Tyler," he says. "I really feel like we're clicking as a unit, and I can't wait to put their talents to use in the studio next time around."

Band of Horses: "More than anything, I just didn't want to flip eggs for a living."
Band of Horses: "More than anything, I just didn't want to flip eggs for a living."

Bridwell's willingness to take chances, and to adapt to and take advantage of his current situation, is probably a big reason why Band of Horses has been so successful. If anything, the band's music perfectly proves the point that sometimes it's necessary to move far away from your roots to find your way back home.

"There are six dudes in the band now and everyone has an equal say," he says. "And even though I'm the one who has to do the interviews, I really don't feel like the leader so much anymore, or the frontman. I feel like it's morphing into what it was always meant to be — which is a band."

8 p.m. Thursday, January 31. The Gargoyle, on the campus of Washington University at Forsyth and Skinker boulevards. Advance tickets sold out, limited number available day of show for $15.


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