As with most musical labels, "stoner rock," "stoner metal" and "sludge" are aren't quite a big enough umbrella to cover the spectrum of the music they describe — especially once keys and strings are in the mix. Pike doesn't care what you call the music. He just knows what it does for him.

"I just see it as an outpouring of our souls," says Pike. "That's how we have fun. That's how we get rid of demons. It's my job. But it's also my life. It's what I grew up doing. It's the only thing that truly expresses who I am."

High on Fire: Fury Whip!!!
High on Fire: Fury Whip!!!

7 p.m. Sunday, February 17. 2 Cents Plain, 1114 Olive Street. $15. 314-588-8400.

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