Peachcake/Foxy Shazam

7 p.m. Tuesday, February 26. 2 Cents Plain, 1114 Olive Street.

Peachcake: Mmm, electro sweetness!
Peachcake: Mmm, electro sweetness!



"Are We Accidentally At A Party?!" is not only the title of a popular Peachcake song, but also the resounding sentiment heard at the Arizona group's shows. Like many great bands before them, this talky electronica duo started as a joke, but then found success precisely because of its self-deprecation and campiness. While Peachcake's virulent beats, poppy lyrics and (cue Wayne's World) "Party time! Excellent!" performances ensure a good gig, this guarantee is compounded by another of the night's acts, Foxy Shazam. These fresh meat-rockers integrate styles by layering classic soul piano with hardcore noise vocals (think the Darkness, but growlier), while throwing in some dance riffs and performance art for good measure. With a pairing this perfect, you'll leave the show credulously admitting your night was One Hell Of A Party.