Tell me about "The Lost One." It sounds a lot different from the rest of the album, like an early Sleater-Kinney song.

MN: That was my attempt at writing a girly song.

LM: The cool thing about bringing her song in, is that it's a completely different feel.

Morgan Nusbaum, Scott Lasser and Laurel Mydock wanna kill your boyfriend.
Jennifer Silverberg at Goodworks
Morgan Nusbaum, Scott Lasser and Laurel Mydock wanna kill your boyfriend.


9 p.m. Saturday, February 23. Lemmons, 5800 Gravois Avenue. $5. 314-481-4812.

SL: We ended up sounding a little grittier after Morgan came in. The stuff we were practicing was pretty clean.

MN: When I first came in, I was just playing root notes, because I wasn't sure what else they wanted me to do.

LM: That's the last thing we wanted to do. When I was in ResistAll, I didn't know anything about music; the other guys would say, "Hey, do a Latin feel" or something. And I felt awkward I didn't know the genre.

SL: Laurel and I have both been in bands where we've had no say with what goes on. That's the one thing we wanted: democracy. Because there's probably nothing worse than being in a band where you truly don't care and not having a say. You just get burned out sooner.

You were definitely chatty and comfortable at the CBGB show last summer.

LM: I think that just comes out of awkwardness. You can ask any of my labmates. I work with a lot of Thai people and they kept calling me this one name. It took me a week to get the meaning out of them, but basically it's someone who says everything that comes to their mind.

MN: No inner monologue.

LM: That's what my advisor said. And I feel really bad. You know, at the end of the set I'm supposed to say my thank-yous, and I'm genuinely appreciative of the clubs we're playing, but it just never comes out right. And I just feel all horrible. Like the other day, we were playing with Chicos Maciunas. And they had their name written at the back of the wall at the Way Out, and I said (looking behind shoulder) "Chico Mazz-yoo-ness..." Then, "I'm not good with the Mexican" was the next thing that came out of my mouth.

SL: She's half-Mexican.

LM: After we screwed up their names, they started calling us the 69s.

Which brings me to the obvious question. Name?

SL: OK, that's my fault. It was supposed to be in honor of the Ramones. It was supposed to be the beginning. I thought the Ramones got together in 1975. But a quick trip to Wikipedia told me that they actually got together in 1974. So I figured that maybe 1975 was the year of their first album, but no, it came out in 1976. So we split the difference.

LM: Morgan calls it the Ramones' most creative year. The other great thing is that in the RFT's This Just In column, we're first. Because we're a number.

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