What's your favorite thing to look at?

I like Saturn. Everybody does. The rings make it special. Jupiter is special, too. Right now it's only visible in the early morning around 4 a.m. When I first saw it, it looked like a white dot with little lines on it. So I e-mailed somebody at NASA. I got a response the same day — it blew me away — and they said it was Jupiter. My telescope wasn't powerful enough to see it in color. That got me excited. My other favorite thing is M31, the Andromeda galaxy. It's the galaxy closest to us and it's 3.3 million light-years away.

Do you believe there's life out there?

Mike Gorman
Fight hype: Don King and Cory Spinks.
Fight hype: Don King and Cory Spinks.

I do, but what kind of life I don't know.

Little green men?

[Laughs] Maybe. Who knows? 

Town Talk: Unreal Responds!
This week Unreal talks back to the following item, published in February and titled "Weather whirlwind":

I have tried to watch [KSDK-TV Channel 5 meteorologist] Mike Roberts give a weather forecast. This man goes all around the country then he comes back to St. Louis. I have no idea what he talks about. How this man won an Emmy as a good meteorologist I have no idea. By the time he gets done with a weather forecast, you don't know where you're at, what state he's in or what. The other weathermen come out, give the weather forecast and what the day is going to be.

Unreal responds! Funny you mention this. Unreal has long been bemused by Roberts' weathercasting, especially the way he rewinds to what the weather was. Must be that Roberts, like many a St. Louisan, wishes he'd woken up to weather — whether good or bad — somewhere else. Can't wait to see what you other Town Talkers think — ;-), ;-).

Sometimes Unreal can't resist talking back to the South Side Journal's reader-generated "Town Talk" feature.Fight hype: Don King and Cory Spinks.

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