Cherish Is the Word

"Cherish the Ladies" is not just a mantra everyone should obey; it's also the name of a five-member female band that performs all traditional Irish music, all the time. The group has a fiddler, a bodhrán (an Irish drum) player/vocalist, a flutist who also sings, a guitarist/mandolinist/banjoist and an accordion player — and how could anyone not treasure all that? The ensemble is named after a traditional Irish jig, so it's a good thing the women step-dance, too. Get ready to cherish the ladies this evening and get in the mood for St. Patrick's Day: Cherish the Ladies performs at 8 p.m. at the Sheldon Concert Hall (3648 Washington Boulevard; 314-533-9900 or Tickets cost $30 to $35 through MetroTix ( or 314-534-1111). And note: Shouting out the lyrics to that Madonna song would be in poor form, so don't even think about it.
Fri., March 14, 2008
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