Wait. Skunks build nests? And they have their own rooms?

Sort of, yeah. They use a blanket, that type of thing, and fluff it up. We gave her half a walk-in closet.

What did she eat?

Dan Zettwoch

Pretty much the same thing you or I would eat, if we actually followed our doctor's recommendations: fruits and vegetables, light meat, easy on the dairy products.

You cooked for the skunk?

To give 'em the best diet, yeah, you do have to cook for 'em. It got us eating broccoli a lot more.

Quite the princess, that Penelope. Was she smart?

Very. If you wanted to be a skunk owner, you would probably have to put a latch on your refrigerator door, because a skunk will figure out how to open it.

Sounds high-maintenance. Why would you want one?

They send the cute meter through the roof. 

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