Captain America

Navy SEAL Eric Greitens has come home to St. Louis to help fellow Iraq vets.

Matthew Trotter, the CCL's first fellow and a former Navy electronics engineer who severely injured his ankles and legs not long after the March 2003 invasion of Iraq, calls the program "a godsend."

"Every other job interview I went on was like, 'We can't hire you because you don't have enough mobility to do the job,' or, 'We understand you have all this Navy training, but you need to have a four-year degree in electrical engineering.'"

Trotter's fellowship with an equine therapy program outside San Antonio, Texas, recently turned into a full-time position as a veteran outreach coordinator. He says it's a happy ending to several frustrating years trying to navigate his re-entry into civilian life.

"Honestly," adds Trotter, "[the CCL] would not have happened if it hadn't been a group of veterans thinking, 'How can we help each other?'"

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