What did you accomplish?

Absolutely nothing.

What do you think the odds of you getting drafted are?

I think it depends on which teams are having salary-cap issues.

What if Isaiah Thomas was still coaching the Knicks?

I would probably say they're still pretty slim.

What does your highlight reel look like?

Probably the shots where I wasn't blocked.

You list your last level played as "third grade rec league." Is that above or below the Italian Professional League?

At that time I was shorter and smaller than most of the other players as well. I feel it is a good comparison to how I would play in the NBA. I haven't watched any games in the Italian League, but I'd probably say that since they get paid, they're maybe a slight amount better.

You've proposed several nicknames for yourself. We're partial to the "Jewish Jordan," but that kind of implies greatness. Are you prepared for that baggage?

I think that should pretty much be taken out of consideration, since that was already given to [former University of Maryland recruit and Orthodox Jew] Tamir Goodman. As great as it would have been, I couldn't accept it.

If you could name yourself like Kobe Bryant did, what would you pick?

So far the top picks are "Zachary Daiquiri" and "Shvitzing." It's Yiddish for sweating.

Who was the last NBA draftee that majored in systems engineering and applied mathematics? I'm guessing it wasn't Michael Beasley.

It's probably never happened. See, I'd add another level of diversity on the court.

Anything to add for the scouts who won't be reading this?

Maybe give me the chance that they were never given. 

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About the blogger: Tara is a stay-at-home-mom with a one-year-old daughter, who sells Avon on the side for extra cash. Her husband is a great daddy. The blog's tagline explains its title: "My life began when I saw those two pink lines...".

Recent Highlight (May 8): I need a graduation present

We just got an invitation to our neighbor kid's graduation party. I have absolutely no idea what to bring except money. I really don't want to spend more than $20 and I am worried that a $20 check looks shabby. It's a guy, and he is going to a state college for engineering in the fall. He likes outdoors stuff (camping, working in the yard, etc) and I think he's a little bit dorky. Oh and he's a wrestler. Is there somewhere cool that I could get him a gift card for? Or a gift that wouldn't be cheesy? I have no idea what to buy guys, honestly, except for my husband. Please give me some suggestions.

Also I should probably say that my husband and this kid's dad talk a lot and they came to Bailey's birthday party and stuff. So they aren't just random neighbors, we actually know them fairly well.

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