Has Return To Forever ever been sampled by a hip-hop artist and become part of the "beat" of pop music?

Sure! Lupe Fiasco used "Romantic Warrior" in one of his tunes ("American Terrorist"). I can't even begin to tell you all the different situations hip-hop artists have used our songs. If it's out there and it's hip, eventually somebody's going to discover it and use it.

How do you feel about hearing your song in that context?

Above: Return To Forever: Don't call it a comeback.
Lynn Goldsmith
Above: Return To Forever: Don't call it a comeback.

Well, I don't have a problem with it. It's quite obvious that the producers are a little more advanced than the audience they make their beats for, because they've gone and taken the effort to seek out the music and include it in what they do. If the audience would take a chance and listen, they might find something really good in it.

It seems pretty cool that somebody could discover Return To Forever through a Lupe Fiasco song.

Yeah! There are friends of mine that have bought that song and said, "Hey, I recognize that. That's Lenny!" It's kind of interesting, you know?

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