Best Funk/Soul/R&B
Dogtown Allstars
The four-piece remains a shining star of feel-good dance music, bringing together noodle-dancing hippie chicks and goatee-stroking jazzbos under the sway of the almighty groove. — Christian Schaeffer

Best Untraditional Americana/Folk
The Bottle Rockets
The Bottle Rockets should have exploded ages ago, and they continue to explore just how much soul can be drawn from the rock and country well. — Roy Kasten

Best Hip-Hop DJ
If you thought Lil' Wayne sounded hot on the original hook to "Hello Brooklyn," check it as Needles envisions it, with a sick horn break that combines the best of the Jay's high-powered production with the soulful sound of NYC's jazz rap extraordinaires. — Keegan Hamilton

Best Eclectic/Uncategorizable
The Conformists
Like the slightly shifting monotony of a ship at sea on choppy waters, the Conformists writes music that is ever-morphing yet manages to create a trancelike effect. — Shae Moseley


1. Bottoms Up Blues Gang

2. The Trip Daddys

3. Murder City Players

4. Erin Bode

5. The Bottle Rockets

6. Sex Robots

7. 7 Shot Screamers

8. Midwest Avengers

9. The Conformists

10. Dogtown Allstars

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Correction published 6/17/08: In the original version of this story, we erroneously stated that the group Ded Bugs is on Space Parlour: Live in St. Louis Series 2007, which was voted Best Local Release (self-released). In fact, the group Bug is on this compilation album, not Ded Bugs. The above version reflects this correction.
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