Though it's not exactly our demographic, Unreal, who spent all of National Menstrual Migraine Awareness Day in the fetal position trying to a) quit debating whether Sarah Jessica Parker's face is best described as manly, horsey, or Cubist, b) quit stressing about not making a deadline for an item on National Menstrual Migraine Awareness Day and c) quit trying to say "National Menstrual Migraine Awareness Day" ten times fast, belatedly rolled out of bed late last week to do our part for all you head cases. Suzanne Simons, executive director of the National Headache Foundation (, was delighted to hear from us.

Unreal: Was this an international holiday?

Suzanne Simons: No, it was U.S.-based.

Did you get a head count of how many people participated?

I have no idea.

Why'd you pick June 4?

It was during National Headache Awareness Week. We did an event with LPGA champion Diana D'Alessio, who is a pro golfer and has menstrual migraines.

You must deal with a lot of head cases. Why single out the menstrual types?

You know why? Because there are approximately 30 million people who have migraines, 21 million are women and about 60 percent are menstrually related. It's not normal, but it is treatable.

Is there an equivalent for men?


Obviously there's something hormonal to this, but could we also just be upset knowing we're going to be yucky and bloody and smelly for the next five days?

Oh, God, no.

Does intercourse alleviate this condition?


Whew. What does?

Usually it's medication, prescribed by healthcare professionals.

This was the inaugural NMMAD. Which celebrities would you like to bring on in the future to endorse the cause?

Ya know, I'm not gonna go there.

Why, are you privy to some secret database of A-list menstrual migraine sufferers?

No, no, no. We did do a campaign a couple years ago with Serena Williams. She was very public about it. My hat's off to both Serena and Diana for that, because it's important, but who likes to talk about their period?

Richard Simmons, maybe? Or Elton John?

Interesting thought. 

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