Unreal: I don't see National Bomb Pop Day, June 26, on my calendar. How long have I been missing out?

Liz Compton: It's just a designation by our company to sell our product. We send out a press release to get consumers excited. We don't have any specific celebration that occurs, or anything like that.

So no free Bomb Pops?

Jill Feuerhelm: When we first launched it, everyone in the company got a Bomb Pop T-shirt.

I take it you're not working on making it a federally recognized holiday?

Compton: Uh, no.

Well, I'm excited about cooking with popsicles. Tell me more about that!

Compton: John Kennedy, our "culinologist" on staff, he does a lot of cooking, a lot of creating with frozen novelties. He does everything from meat marinades to melting it down and making it into a sauce.

What kind of meat tastes best with Bomb Pop juice?

Compton: That's a John question. It's the citric acid that works so well for meat.

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