Bud Light Presents Real Men of Genius

[Real Men of Genius]

Today we salute you, Mr. I have my own Blog Guy.

Aaron M. Sprecher/UPI

[Mr. I have my own Blog Guy]

While ordinary people unwind the day by spending time with friends and family, you sit at your computer telling the world what you had for lunch.

[I ate out today]

A wizard on the Web, you feverishly troll through cyberspace looking for funny videos to share with your readers. A celebrity gets arrested, a kid face plants off a skateboard, a disturbing look at animals doing what nature intended.

[Those monkeys are funny]

Add me as your friend, post a comment, subscribe to my feed — your Blog has it all.

[I'll be your friend]

If anyone wants to know what you did last weekend, all they have to do is read your latest post. Some may ask, "Why don't you get a life?" Well, you have a life. And you're letting everyone else in on it.

So crack open a nice cold Bud Light, Icon of the Internet. Because without your Blog, the rest of us wouldn't have a reason to live.

[Mr. I have my own Blog Guy]

Feel free to make suggestions, but don't say mean things like I'm not funny. That hurts my feelings. And I don't need any negative vibes during prom week.

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