Now about those bridezillas....

A metamorphosis takes place. A woman gets a big rock, and overnight her personality changes. I'm not sure I want to pinpoint anybody who might recognize herself. Oh, my daughter's here, and she just said, "Tell them, 'Your daughter.'"


Kristan Lieb

I took my daughter Lisa to New York on a buying trip with me. We looked at hundreds and hundreds of gowns. In one showroom, she turned really quiet and I looked over and saw she was in tears. She said, "That's my dress!" The style was called Angel. Talk about misnomers! It was not the nickname I would have given her.

Did it have wings?

No wings.

Too bad. What's the biggest change you saw in the bridal industry?

For years and years, dresses had big, full skirts and lace and frills. Then Carolyn Bessette Kennedy came along in that perfectly simple, beautiful dress. A lot of women were working out and had beautiful bodies and didn't want to hide them under layers of tulle. It put a lot of bridal shops out of business. And this was before my time, but Grace Kelly reintroduced the elaborate, modest wedding gown. It brought back unrealistic expectations. 

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