Kevin Slaten: A Nasty Man

A transcript of Slaten and Cards pitching coach Dave Duncan

I'm not doing it publicly like you do other people.

You're not? You're on the radio.


You're on the radio.

Well I hope not.

Well sure you are. I told you we were on the radio.

No you did not.

Of course I did.

And if I find out we are, you're going to be in big problems with me.

Am I? What are you gonna do?...What are you gonna do?

Listen, Kevin, I am not going to sit here and banter back and forth with you. You get paid to talk.

Well what are you gonna do?

Whether it's true or whether it's not true...

I mean you're threatening me.

You run your mouth all the time.

No, I tell the truth. You're threatening me.

No you don't tell the truth.

What have I lied about?

You don't do any research. You never come around the ballpark.

Give me an example...give me an example.

You never talk to players...

Give me an example.

You never talk to anybody down there about what's going on...

Give me an example. I've talked to...

Then you go on the air and you blab your...

I've talked to...I've talked to plenty of people including you.

I'm not talking to you anymore and I better not find this is on the air.

I talked to you a month ago right here on the show.

This better not be on the air.

I told you already that it was.

You told me two seconds ago that it was. You did not tell me that when you called me.

I told you right at the beginning of this conversation.

You asked me to go on the air with you and I said no.

Dave, Dave, we are on 590 The Fan. Do you want to talk about Anthony Reyes? That's what I told you.

— Chad Garrison

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