Initially, perhaps. Once I started researching the book, I developed a deep respect for him. You don't realize how good some of these bad movies are until you re-watch them several times. You get hooked.

The title of the book is from Dirty Dancing, no?

That's right. Swayze tells Jennifer Grey, "Nobody puts Baby in the corner." I changed it to: Nobody puts Swayze in the corner. And I think that's true. The guy is a warrior. If anyone is going to beat cancer, I say it's him. He's not going to back down. 

Ask A Cougar and a Fundamentalist Pastor
How are the Cheetah Girls related to cougars?
Inquiring Minds Wanna Know

Pastor Chris replies:
Good question! There are some obvious similarities:

1) Both wear more makeup and stay up later than is age appropriate.

2) Both are considering trips to Florida (Disney World/Leisure World).

3) Both need calcium now more than ever.

4) Both compete for the same male demographic.

5) Cheetahs are fast, too.

6) Cougars, like cheetahs, have spots on their skin.

7) Both sincerely wonder how Madonna does it all.

8) Add the three Cheetah Girls' ages, subtract the average cougar's age, get the price of an RFT.

9) Hot lights on the Cheetah Girls stage; hot flashes at a cougar's age.

Then there's a less obvious connection that I hope I'm wrong about.  What if cougars and cheetahs are on opposite frontiers of an ever-expanding adolescence?  Do little girls in big-girl dresses and big girls in pigtails symbolize a new fascination with a girl/woman hybrid?  Are little girls being hurried into adolescence? Are older women returning to an age with fewer responsibilities and a higher tolerance for self-absorption?  Is the whole world reverting to Ridgemont High?

Teenage sprawl might prove to be a bigger problem than the urban variety we hear so much about. It could be that cougars and cheetahs have become the St. Charles County/Edwardsville equivalents of a simultaneous flight from innocence and responsibility. Who would have thought these cats had so much in common?  Including...

10) increasing reliance on a good bra.

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