Do you still live in Brooklyn?

We gave up our apartments in the last few months. Once we come back, I'm moving to Austin, Adam is living in Pittsburgh, and Dan's living as a transient. We have touring plans through the rest of the year, so we'll get together for that. But it's not really a "Brooklyn" band anymore.

You're definitely not the only people leaving New York in search of a cheaper lifestyle.

Oxford Collapse: Home is a long way away.
David Needleman
Oxford Collapse: Home is a long way away.


8:30 p.m. Tuesday, September 16. The Bluebird, 2706 Olive Street. $10 over 21, $13 under 21. No phone.

I don't remember who said it recently, maybe Iggy Pop, but the quote was, "You can't afford to starve in New York anymore." Dan and I went to college in New York; we lived there for over ten years, and Adam's been there for a long time as well. I think we were always a "Brooklyn" band but never really shared a sound with any sort of "Brooklyn" sound. I think we're all excited to go; I know I need a change of scenery.

Do you see that as a problem in terms of keeping the band together?

We've got touring plans set up essentially through March of next year, so living in different cities isn't really going to interfere with band business for a while. Post-Bits touring and promotion, we'll play it by ear.

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