Unreal: I'm gathering from this press release that vinyl siding now comes in different shapes, and in colors other than beige. When did that happen?

Todd Friedman: Probably within the last decade or so. The Vinyl Siding Institute and the manufacturers have focused on ensuring absolute quality, and what you're seeing from brands like Variform is this explosion of color.

Explosion of color, eh? What's your favorite?


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Wash U seniors make the "deathmobile."

I like the greens right now, the mossy greens. They're neutral and subdued, but at least you have some color. Then we do a color called Sedona Red, which is a nice pop.

But you can never change the color without replacing the siding, right? Do you offer some sort of satisfaction guarantee?

We don't have that guarantee [chuckles], but we offer a lot of sample opportunities.

The Awards of Distinction include a category for "historic restoration." What about a category for Outstanding Use of the Siding Mullet?

What's the term?

You know, the siding mullet: brick in the front, vinyl in back?

You see that in new construction. Actually, St. Louis is a pretty big market for that. 

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