Quinn is loath to offer much advice to the Obama campaign. "They've been doing so many things well," he says. Then he notes, "Obama has to stay focused on the economy. The more he talks about the middle class, the more he talks about what the country has to do to rebound, the more credible and the more presidential he sounds."

McCain, on the other hand, "is really in a box because of the right track/wrong track [polling numbers]. He needs to be hammering his specific plans on the economy, putting people out there — anybody the public sees as credible on the economy — to stand side by side with him."

In terms of strategy, Quinn thinks McCain should concentrate his ground game in a potentially flippable blue state like Michigan. "If he doesn't win Michigan, he doesn't win this election. If he can peel off Michigan, now he's got a chance."

Not even two hours after Quinn offered this advice, news broke that the McCain campaign was pulling its ground resources from Michigan.

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