David Bazan

9 p.m. Friday, December 5. Billiken Club, in the Busch Student Center on the campus of Saint Louis University, 20 North Grand Boulevard.

David Bazan: One isn't the loneliest number.
Lyle Owerko
David Bazan: One isn't the loneliest number.


Free. 314-977-2020.

David Bazan is still revered for his work with Pedro the Lion, the beloved indie rock band he lead through four albums and a handful of EPs. Upon disbanding Pedro, Bazan released one synth-based pop record under the banner Headphones, but quickly began recording and touring under his own name. This was the right move to make: Many of Bazan's songs sound like first-person confessionals and confrontational declarations. The five-song EP Fewer Moving Parts came out in 2007, and while fans are still waiting for a new full-length, they can sate their hunger with the new DVD, Alone at the Microphone. In concert, Bazan remains a funny, engaging and impossible-to-ignore performer, opening up dialogue between himself and the audience and making each show unique.