St. Louis Music — R.I.P.


RFT Slide Show

Click here for photos of musicians who have used SLM products over the years, including Hank Williams III, pictured above. All photos by Mark Gilliland.

On Saturday, December 13, the Trip Daddys, Giants in the Sky and others will perform at the Kat Club (1440 North Broadway) to honor the legacy of St. Louis Music. The 85-year-old company — which was well respected in the music industry for manufacturing and distributing amps and other musical gear under brand names like Alvarez, Ampeg and Crate — closed last year after it was bought by LOUD Technologies in 2005. Doors for this show open at 7 p.m., and admission is $5. Head to for a slideshow of these and other luminaries using St. Louis Music-branded gear photographed for St. Louis Music by long-time RFT contributor Mark Gilliland; has a longer story about the impact the company had on the music industry.