This may come as a shock, but listening to local music for a quasi-living isn't all sweetness and light. So it's that much more of a disappointment when some of the best bands in town called it quits at the height of their powers. This fall found Bad Folk, the Rats & People and the Bureau all hanging it up; the latter two released two of the best local CDs of 2007, and Bad Folk was set to release its long-awaited LP right around the time of the split. Here's hoping the scattered band members do something productive with their newfound freedom.
— Christian Schaeffer 

Attention, Beyonce's lyrics: If a woman chooses a man who's replaceable, then who's the bigger loser when she replaces him with the same model? If liking it means putting a ring on it, who owns the identity? "Mrs." Sasha Fierce? Bish, please. Depth isn't a personality we assume, it's what becomes us after we learn to live without mommy management. If you were a boy, you'd be Justin Timberlake imitating you in a leotard on SNL, and I'd like you a whole lot more.
— Kristy Wendt

Travis Pitts

Their live shows are "legendary," an "experience." They "writhe" and "wiggle." They are "all that and a bag of chips." These are quotes from the press kit of buzzed-up Philadelphia band Man Man. Plus — "real mustaches" and "white body paint." Would tunes be too much to ask? Apparently, because "ardent fans," dressed just like their barking, bawling, irony-peddling heroes, "carry the message out to the world." It's all about "rocking out" to the "fucked up dance party." Hipsters will do that when they can't afford Blue Man Group tickets.
— Roy Kasten

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