"We're not trying to sound like something — we're just writing the songs," he continues. "And if it works, it works. But with what's going on in everybody's lives professionally and personally, we'll finish it when we finish it."

Part of the uncertainty in the band stems from Grelle's contemplation about a move to Chicago. The recent dissolution of his marriage has thrown a significant kink in that plan, though the keyboardist retains a mixture of Zen stoicism and beleaguered bemusement in discussing the upheaval.

"Plans change, people change," he sighs. "Right now, everything is kind of in limbo — not with the band, but with me personally." Ever the professional, Grelle also notes the artistic possibilities that often accompany heartbreak. "Get ready for the new record, 'cause there's some pretty serious lyrics coming. I've always been a much better blues writer than anything else, so that's good." He laughs.

The Feed: Funk pop a roll.
Jennifer Silverberg
The Feed: Funk pop a roll.

Even if he quits town, Reece and Bowers plan on remaining in St. Louis. But all three members note that Grelle's relocation would give the Feed a chance to stretch out in a different city. As the band considers its future, discussions about St. Louis and the possibility of achieving large-scale success while living here has been a recurring topic.

"You can say whatever you want about the scene in St. Louis, and I think there's a good talent level for sure of bands and musicians," Grelle explains, "but there's something to be said about a city that doesn't allow you to fall into a comfort zone. There's something to be said about a city where you can't sit back, where there is a fire under your ass. And maybe that's just more instilled in some people regardless of where you are. But when you're in survival mode, it brings out the best in you; it puts the fire under your ass, and you do things that even surprise yourself."

Whether that fire will come from within the band or through a move to a different city remains to be seen, but few who have seen the Feed in concert can deny that a passion for music already brightly burns.

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