Have you started thinking about the next one?

The definite second album is almost done. We've got fourteen or fifteen tracks ready for that. We'll try to learn it on tour and record it in the next few months while we're in America.

It seems like there are fewer pop-cultural references this time around. Was that a natural development, or something intentional?

Los Campesinos!: Heads up, seven up!
Jon Bergman
Los Campesinos!: Heads up, seven up!


Los Campesinos!
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Well, Gareth writes all the lyrics, and I think there was a definite change from his perspective. He's very self-conscious as a writer, but he's also very autobiographical. And I think also he's aware we became a band known for our pop-cultural references. Rather than embracing that and risking parody, he wanted to do something new and unique to him. I think it works for him, and he comes out with pretty candid thoughts.

Who's the big K Records fan in the band?

We're all big indie fans, but Gareth is definitely the nerdiest. He introduced me to a lot of K Records and Kill Rock Stars. Sarah Records was an area he knew particularly well. We bonded over a lot of Pavement, me and Gareth. The more esoteric side definitely comes from him.

Who's "the other Kurt"?

That's a really good story actually. While we were recording that song with John Goodmanson, we were talking with him. I think he was the first person to record Nirvana live on the radio before they got big. It basically revolved around a friend of his called Kurt who was going out with a girl. He was at a party, went upstairs and found his girlfriend kissing Kurt Cobain. It was a bit before Nirvana got huge. This song was then dedicated to that particular Kurt who'd come across his girlfriend with Kurt Cobain. It's almost cool that your girlfriend is cheating on you with Kurt Cobain, but at the same time, maybe it kind of sucks.

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