One commenter weighed in to reassure "lucyvogt": "Lucy please don't feel guilty. It's pretty clear that he was determined to do what he did. I highly doubt anything you would have said/done would have stopped him...."

But this being the Post comments thread, the fuzzy warmth soon gave way to a feller who goes by "bigboy5": "102 and jumps to an obvious death. why are we spending tax dollars to search for at least a week for the body? its fish food. save the public some dough. search should be called off after 24 hours. who knows how far downstream it is."

Which was soon followed by "VCDaedalus," who imparted that "...[o]ne administrator of a retirement community told me that she had to completely evaluate her new residents, because many of them were taking two and three prescriptions too many.... Perhaps Mr. Millstone wanted to die that way. Out in the open, quick, a brief time where you might even feel like you were flying...."

St. Louis rapper Huey
St. Louis rapper Huey
I.E. Millstone disappeared Saturday, May 16.
bill greenblatt/upi
I.E. Millstone disappeared Saturday, May 16.

Still, this weren't no happy ending. So we'll conclude this stroll down Comment Thread Lane with the eloquence of "hitekredneck": "hey bigboy5, go ##### yourself you lowlife scumbag. i have an idea,why dont YOU jump off a bridge and become fish food...oopps,sorry, any fish with any sense wouldnt want anything to do with your rotten piece of ##### corpse."
—Tom Finkel

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