However, his empowerment also has him thinking about new artistic approaches. He's never been a purely political rapper — witness past songs like "For You," dedicated to a child who may not have been born yet, or "Washitup," an even lighter-hearted ode to hygiene — but now he's considering reviving a project he began awhile back, centered around purely relationship-based songs.

"I'm having some really interesting relationships with women right now that are offering some new angles," Lif says. "I know that it'll piss a lot of people off, but I feel like if people are true fans of an artist, they'll follow him to some new places." (Those who want to follow are encouraged to keep up with Lif at and at, his two portals of communication with fans.)

Mr. Lif: Politics, relationships — Lif does them all.
Hibbard Nash
Mr. Lif: Politics, relationships — Lif does them all.


Mr. Lif
10 p.m. Thursday, June 4.
The Gramophone, 4243 Manchester Avenue.
$5. 314-531-5700.

"Life is just such an open book right now," Lif adds, sounding blissfully above the political fray. "I wanna take some of those different directions."

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