You don't say!

Sure enough, Schmidt reveals, Mr. Smalling put his big list together the same way RFT put together our little one: via searches of public records. But whereas Mr. Smalling's hard work is rewarded by a tidy Times write-up, ours met with a castigating phone call from the Redbirds' media-relations crew and the revocation of our press credentials. That little spanking was followed by a flogging from the righteous vituperation engine that is the Internet. Some highlights:

"If he doesn't like having his credential taken away, perhaps Finkel would prefer Pujols and a couple of his Cardinals teammates get Finkel's address and follow him home."

"The ass hole needs to be fired!!!!!"

"Well, first of all for anyone out there who says that you can pick up a phone book and find out where these players live... are you that stupid? Really? Unlisted phone number, house purchased using a numbered company so no, it is not in the records. Finkel is a punk. The Riverfront Times is a shit hole paper."

Right after I post this, I'm gonna order me up a copy of The Baseball Autograph Collector's Handbook (a steal at only $22.50!).

Won't take but a jiffy — the New York Times was kind enough to publish Mr. Smalling's address.
—Tom Finkel

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