Fight for No. 1
KMOX (1120 AM) has been teasing listeners that a "major change" is in the works at the station. But will that change be enough for the "Mighty MOX" to reclaim the top spot? 

Earlier this month, the talk-radio station was ousted as the No. 1 station in St. Louis after a reign of at least four decades. The most popular station in St. Louis is now 106.5 "The Arch" (WARH-FM), which airs pre-formatted pop-rock classics and proves that St. Louisans are indeed getting dumber by the decade.

What's in store for the new KMOX? Mum's the word, but here are my guesses: 

Ex-Blues player Mike Danton.
Ex-Blues player Mike Danton.

The station will start airing classical music to fill the void once Classic 99.1 FM becomes a Christian music station next year.

KMOX will bump up its Rush Limbaugh broadcasts to 24/7.

The station will wrestle the Cardinals back from KTRS (550 AM). The daily's sports-media critic, Dan Caesar ,has been writing about such a move for the past couple weeks.
—Chad Garrison

Of Mice and Mountain Dew
Ronald Ball says he was drinking a Mountain Dew at his workplace in Wood River, Illinois, when a strange sensation caused him to spit up the beverage.

Upon emptying the soda, Ball alleges, he discovered a mouse at the bottom of his drink. So what did he do? 

He did like Bob and Doug McKenzie. He took the mouse in a Mason jar to the brewery (or rather, the PepsiCo bottling facility), because everyone knows you can't just take it back to the store for a refund.

Bad news, though. Ball claims that when PepsiCo returned the mouse corpse, it was in such a state that it's no longer usable as evidence in court. That's right. Of course there is a lawsuit involved in all this. 

Ball is suing PepsiCo, the bottler and Shop 'n Save (where he purchased the soda) for seven counts of negligence, products liability, breach of warranty and, the kicker: "spoliation of evidence." 

He is seeking at least $50,000 in damages, plus court costs. And all the McKenzies wanted for their troubles was a free case of beer. Guess they could've used an attorney.
—Chad Garrison

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