Tom Schlafly, the cofounder of Saint Louis Brewery, the producer of Schlafly brand beer, says he has no involvement with his cousin's Bible work. "He never discussed it with me, and I've never seen it. There are probably few things in the world I know less about than this project."

The fifth of Phyllis and John Schlafly's six children, Andrew grew up in St. Louis and attended Saint Louis Priory School. He went on to graduate from Princeton and later earned his law degree magna cum laude from Harvard. Now 48, he lives in New Jersey, where, in addition to practicing law and revising the Bible, he teaches private "homeschool" courses to high school students.

A practicing Roman Catholic, Schlafly confesses that he did not consult his priest or church officials before beginning work on his Conservative Bible Project. Had he done so, he might have been sentenced to recite a litany of Hail Marys.

Craig Larotonda

"The Church has always maintained that it is the word of God," says Father Kevin Schroeder, an associate pastor at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis. "You have to treat it with dignity and not as a piece of literature or a weapon to be used in politics, whichever side you're on."

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