In 2004 the mystery of the girl, known only as "Jane Doe," was featured in an RFT feature story, "The Case that Haunts."

Five years later this cold case continues to haunt police, who first investigated the child's murder back in 1983. Now a new generation of homicide detectives find themselves obsessed with unraveling the mystery.

Today those cops have a powerful new aid. The website for the popular America's Most Wanted television show recently came out with its own story on the case.

Fred Ruhrwien and the Examinador.
Fred Ruhrwien and the Examinador.

In its twenty-plus years on TV, AMW has helped authorities capture more than 1,000 criminals and fugitives. Here's hoping AMW fans can help crack another cold case — one that's gone on too, too long.
— Chad Garrison

Lulu Ain't Nothing but a Hambone
An English bulldog from the St. Louis 'burb of Warson Woods has won Veterinary Pet Insurance Co.'s Hambone Award for the most bizarre pet injury of the year.

As reported here in Daily RFT, the bulldog named Lulu went to the veterinarian last December where surgeons removed a bottle cap, a piece of basketball and fifteen pacifiers from the canine's belly.

For the six months prior to the operation, Lulu's owners — Jennifer and David Zwart — thought their child's pacifiers had simply disappeared under furniture or fallen from the stroller during walks. That is, until Jennifer saw Lulu licking a pacifier that later went missing.

Lulu beat out another dozen curious animal injuries to win the Hambone Award. As the winners, Lulu and her owners received a bronze trophy in the shape of a ham, a gift basket and an upcoming appearance on the Rachael Ray Show, in which Ray will presumably teach the family how best to prepare a scrumptious pacifier dish.
—Chad Garrison

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