Adds Gray: "I think the most important thing about On Fillmore, really, is that [even though it's] just Glenn and I, it's a band. After we met, we didn't say, 'Let's play together again sometime,' we said, 'Let's start a band,'" with extra emphasis on the latter word. "My experiences have always been in bands. Even when I play solo, I feel like I'm in a band with myself. I may be grasping at straws, but when On Fillmore uses field recordings, I'm in a band with that recording, or if we work on a movie score, I'm in a band with the movie."

Extended Vacation was released earlier this month on Dead Oceans, the sort of hip record label that young bands dream about. But potential notoriety is not On Fillmore's aim; the sacrifice that Darin Gray and Glenn Kotche make for their art is how infrequently they get to perform it. Extended Vacation is documentation of that which cannot be: a band that barely exists creating places that can only be imagined. But it's not morose, it's not indulgent — and it's most certainly not background music.

On Fillmore: Breezy vacation on tap.
Nathan Kaye
On Fillmore: Breezy vacation on tap.

Extended Vacation is available now from Dead Oceans (

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