Parlour the Course

The commercialization and modernization of the holidays are getting Ms. Day down. She wasn't enthusiastic about this Black Friday and Cyber Monday business, she doesn't appreciate all of these cheap holiday movies that are shoddily produced just to make a quick buck, and she's especially against those pre-lit Christmas trees. Are people really too lazy to untangle strands of lights for hours and wrap them around a tree? Seriously? For shame! Soon enough there will be identical male and female gift packs for every age, and shoppers won't even have to hand-select presents themselves. And that will be the end of days as far as Ms. Day is concerned. To combat these terrible trends, Day will be celebrating the holidays in an old-fashioned way, and she'd appreciate it if you'd at least try to do the same. The Lafayette Square Holiday Parlor Tour is a great place to start. The homes in this nabe were built back in the days when parlors were all the rage — and people decorated their own damn trees. From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., the first floors of nine homes will be open to you, the touring public, showing off both the remarkable interiors of these nineteenth-century structures and their holiday finery, be it contemporary or period. Tickets to tour cost $15 in advance (at 314-772-5724 or and $18 the day of the event (at the Park House, 2023 Lafayette Avenue). And in addition to the tours, holiday merrymakers can also hop aboard a carriage for a ride — can you say old-fashioned fabulous? — and pop into Lafayette Park United Methodist Church (2300 Lafayette Avenue) for songs of the season. Both of these festive activities are free.
Sun., Dec. 13, 2009