Taverns in St. Louis city and county likely to skirt smoking bans

Looking for a list of taverns in St. Louis city and county that are likely to skirt the smoking bans? Belly up to this sidebar, friend!

City of St. Louis
Disclaimer and Methodology: This list of city bars comprises establishments currently classified by the City of St. Louis Department of Health as "Taverns" — i.e., bars that serve little or no food. Excluded are the businesses that are known to have gone non-smoking on their own accord, as well as the "Taverns" at sports arenas, casinos, union halls, churches, etc., which are covered under specific provisions of the law. Read the full text of the city's ordinance in PDF format by clicking here.

The handful of businesses that have a city liquor license but no record of a health inspection on the city's online database are noted with an asterisk (*). A listing here merely means that a business will probably qualify for an exemption; the owner could choose to go smoke-free. If any of these establishments are larger than 2,000 square feet (minus kitchens, storage areas and bathrooms) they will not receive an exemption.


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Additionally, if the health department were to enforce the smoking ban strictly by the ordinance's square-footage criterion, it would almost certainly allow many bars not listed here to qualify for exemptions.

Data was obtained from the City of St. Louis Department of Health's online Dining Establishment Health Ratings and Inspection Reports, and via a public records request submitted to the City of St. Louis Excise Division.

Finally, while Riverfront Times endeavored to weed out licensed establishments that are no longer open for business in the listed location, we can't guarantee that the list is completely up-to-date. If you see a place that has moved or closed, contact [email protected].

34 Club 34 North Euclid Avenue
Aqua 4571 Gravois Avenue
Area IV 5918 Hampton Avenue
Babe's Tavern & Garden 3215 Ivanhoe Avenue
Bad Dog Bar and Grill 3960 Choteau Avenue*
The Beale on Broadway 701 South Broadway
Bear's Den 3819 Meramec Street
Bella's 5838 Southwest Avenue
Benny's Pit Stop Lounge 2800 Indiana Avenue
Beulah's Red Velvet Lounge 4769 Dr. Martin Luther King Drive
The Black Derby Saloon 3701 South Kingshighway
Black Label Gallery and Lounge 758 South Fourth Street
Blue Swan Cocktail Lounge & Restaurant 4700 Dr. Martin Luther King Drive
Brenda's Paris Lounge 4330 North Newstead Avenue
Cabin Inn 701 North 15th Street
Café Bar Skala 5051 Gravois Avenue
Casa Blanca II 4044 North Florissant Avenue
The Cat's Meow 2600 South 11th Street
CBGB 3163 South Grand Boulevard
Chuck's 4201 North 20th Street
Claudia's Pub 3322 Watson Avenue
The Club House 3502 Papin Street
Club Europe 710 North 15th Street*
Club Paladora 5620 South Grand Boulevard
Club Vision 5729 Dr. Martin Luther King Drive
Code 4412 Morganford Road
Colombo's Tavern 6483 Manchester Avenue
Colorado Bob's 3457 Morganford Road
Columns Lounge 400 South 14th Street
The Corner Bar 714 Cerre Street
Cotillion Lounge 5402 Dr. Martin Luther King Drive
Cotter's Lounge 4610 South Kingshighway
The Crack Fox 1114 Olive Street
Crocodile Lounge 2508 Goodfellow Boulevard
CW's Lounge 2600 Natural Bridge Avenue
Dante's 3221 Olive Street
Double "D's" Den 5204 Hampton Avenue
Erney's 4200 Manchester Avenue
Estrada 4255 South Kingshighway
Exo 3146 Locust Street
The Famous Bar 5211 Chippewa Street
The Filling Station 1924 Pestalozzi Street
The Firebird 2706 Olive Street
FUBAR 3108 Locust Street
Frank's 1st Alarm Bar & Grill 7800 Virginia Avenue
Gateway Lounge 4201 Prairie Avenue
Gorgeous Gent's Social Club 2707 North Taylor Avenue
Hard Times 1718 Olive Street
Harlem Tap Room 4161 Dr. Martin Luther King Drive
Hummel's 7101 South Broadway
Hurn's Lounge 3648 Herbert Street
J's Hideout 4257 Dr. Martin Luther King Drive
JD's Corner 4701 Michigan Avenue
J.J.'s Clubhouse 3858 Market Street
Jake's Copacabana #2 3810 Lee Avenue
Jimmy Mack's 5838 Southwest Avenue*
Jody T's 6594 Scanlan Avenue
Johnny's Restaurant and Lounge 1435 North Market Avenue
Jo-Netti's 6901 South Broadway*
The Jump Off Lounge 8112 North Broadway
Just John's 4112 Manchester Avenue
Kulage Tavern 8644 North Broadway
Korner's 7109 South Broadway
LaRocca's 3725 South Kingshighway
La Onda 4920 Northrup Avenue
Libby's Place 5000 Alaska Avenue
The Little Bar 6343 Alabama Avenue
The Loading Zone 16 South Euclid Avenue
Luckett's Lounge 4616 Delmar Boulevard
Magic Eyes Bar 4747 Morganford Road
Malle's Bar 3506 Hampton Avenue
Moose Lounge 4571 Pope Avenue
Nancy's Place 4510 Manchester Avenue
Nara Café and Hookah Lounge 1326 Washington Avenue
NBC Cocktail Lounge 4261 Dr. Martin Luther King Drive
Nellie Glenn's Saloon 6109 Gravois Avenue*
The Office 4532 Virginia Avenue
One Nite Stand 2800 Ohio Avenue
The Other Place 5084 Dr. Martin Luther King Drive
Palomino Lounge 5876 Delmar Boulevard
Parodi's Grill and Beverage 1930 North Ninth Street
Peter Gunn Lounge 2713 Marcus Avenue
Pop's Blue Moon 5249 Pattison Avenue
Premium Lounge 4199 Manchester Avenue
The Reunion Lounge 3109 North Grand Boulevard
Riley's Pub 3456 Arsenal Street
Rock House Tavern 400 Blase Avenue
Rockstar Nightclub 8658 South Broadway
Rosie's Place 4573 Laclede Avenue*
R.P. McMurphy's 1401 Salisbury Street
Scott's 3685 South Broadway
The Shamrock Pub 1131 South Broadway
Shot Heaven 5229 Gravois Avenue
Silver Leaf 3442 Hereford Street
Slo Tom's Lounge 6728 South Broadway
Sophie's Place 2815 Watson Road
The Southtown Pub 3707 South Kingshighway*
Spooty's 1026 Geyer Avenue
Stari Most 4247 South Kingshighway
Starz Sports Bar & Grill 8734 Goodfellow Boulevard
St. Louis Heartbreaker's 700 North Second Street
Tim's Chrome Lounge and Restaurant 4736 Gravois Avenue
Tin Cup 518 Bates Street
The Tower Pub 3234 Morganford Road
Tucker's Courtesy Pub 8518 South Broadway
The Trophy Room 5099 Arsenal Avenue
Valerie's Sit & Sip Lounge 3701 Sullivan Avenue
The Venus 5960 Dr. Martin Luther King Drive
Vino Vitae 1637 South 18th Street
Wagner's Sports Bar #2 7900 Michigan Avenue
Weber's 6632 Macklind Avenue
Windy City Lounge 2712 Dr. Martin Luther King Drive
Zack's 1901 Whittier Street

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