Kittur, who was born in Mumbai, India, and has lived in St. Louis for three years, focuses primarily on Indian cuisine, though curiosity might be her true driving force. As she says about her own preference for food blogs with unfamiliar recipes, "Do you need a blog with another recipe for chocolate cake?"

Age: 30

How long has your blog existed? Five years.

Nupur Kittur, One Hot Stove.
Emily Good
Nupur Kittur, One Hot Stove.
TBK, The Beautiful Kind.
Emily Good
TBK, The Beautiful Kind.


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Why did you start this blog? I sent [a food blog] a recipe and a picture. It was so exciting to see my recipe up on the web, I thought I must start a blog.

When do you blog? In the mornings. I'm up at about five. The rest of the household is asleep.

Where do you blog? From home.

What was your most memorable reader comment? One woman said she would call her mom and grandmother for recipes. Her mom and grandmother passed away within a few months of each other, and she was feeling very lost. She said, "Your blog and recipes gave me a taste of the food I love and they used to make."

Is there a post you really wish you'd never written? No. I'm not a trained writer. I make stuff up as I go along. That's how I learn.

What do you like least about blogging? The plagiarism. People set up websites where they make money. They don't write content; they steal it left and right! There are print publications in India that have used my pictures without permission. That really breaks my heart.

Blogs she loves: Aayi's Recipes and Enjoy Indian Food: Both of these bring really unusual regional Indian recipes. Homesick Texan: She writes about Texan cuisine. It's really quite meat-heavy, but even though I don't eat meat, I enjoy reading about how she prepares her food.

Provel, yes or no? No, no, no!
— Ian Froeb

The Beautiful Kind might make you blush. Or it might make you barf. All depends on what the polyamorous, BDSM, swinging, all-around-sex-lovin' "TBK" has been up to within the last week. A single mother who does more than kiss and tell, TBK thinks of her blog as "a safe haven for perverts." Everyone's welcome. Nothing's off-limits. As she puts it, "I'll try everything, except for children. Pedophilia — no way."

Age: 37

How long has your blog existed? Since October 2006.

Why on earth would you start this blog? I have so many pet peeves, and I just wanted a place to vent and be bitchy. Then I started focusing more on how awesome my sex life is and bragging about that. More people started tuning in, so now it's turned into this sex community.

When she blogs: 5 a.m.

Where she blogs: In bed or in an armchair. Never in a coffee shop, because most of them block her site.

What she wears: Nothing. She's a nudist.

What's your comment moderation philosophy? I'm all about freedom and expression. I've never deleted a comment. And see, people can't call me a "bitch" or a "cunt" 'cause I already call myself that. So it's totally fine to say what you want.

Are there any posts you wish you hadn't put out, so to speak, for public consumption? I've written about my abortion, about feeding a guy a mug full of semen, about pooping on somebody and throwing up on somebody. And I don't regret writing about any of that. But here's my trick: I always let something sit for two or three days before I write about it.

How about a memorable reader comment? Oh my God. This last year a guy wrote in about how he had ejaculated in his autistic brother's ham-salad sandwich and fed the sandwich to his autistic brother. I know him. I had sex with this guy. It's true.

Bloggers she loves: The Writing Buddha, Always Aroused Girl, Annie Sprinkle.

Provel, yes or no? Yes. I'm a wannabe vegan, so I wish I did not eat cheese, but I'm so addicted.
— Kristen Hinman

Angry Black Bitch is the personal rants and raves forum of Pamela Merritt, a.k.a. Shark-Fu. A freelance author and blogger extraordinaire (she also contributes to Feministing and Shakespeare's Sister), she writes poignantly, passionately and hilariously about race, politics and any other topic that pisses her off.

Age: 37

How long has your blog existed? Five years.

Why did you start this blog? It was a dare. It was given to me by my friend Rob Thurman, who blogs at He told me to stop ranting and put my rants on paper.

Is she really that angry? Not all the time. People usually say I don't sound as angry as a write. I find something to be pissed off at every day.

When she blogs: Butt-ass early in the morning or late at night.

Where she blogs: In my home, always in our living/sitting area on the couch.

What she wears when she blogs: Some ratty T-shirt and socks and flannel. Jammies.

When was the last time you thought about stopping your blog? At least once a week I think about stopping. But I always get that one comment or e-mail from somebody who likes something I said and wants to encourage me, or somebody who thinks I'm completely effed up and hates me and thinks I'm the reason America is going downhill. I either get encouraged or pissed off. It gets tiring sometimes. It's not about money so you look at it and say, "What the hell am I doing?" But it's cheaper than therapy.

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