Age: 28. Josh, the founder, is 30, and the other two writers are 28.

Why did you start this blog? When we started in 2004 it was a time when ESPN was really getting into online culture, but ESPN is the polar opposite of what we do. They break news and cover sports. We just want to have fun with sports. We realize it's about entertainment value and having a good time.

Who are your readers? Most of our success is on the east and west coasts. Only in the past six months did people in St. Louis figure out who we were. From a traffic perspective St. Louis wasn't even in our top ten. We've never really focused primarily on St. Louis sports, but in 2010 we'll do St. Louis a lot — a lot — more.

Gabe Hartwig, Girl, You Lost Your Weave.
Emily Good
Gabe Hartwig, Girl, You Lost Your Weave.
Courtney Chesley.
Emily Good
Courtney Chesley.


Blogger Happy Hour!
Meet many of our "Blogger's Baker's Dozen" during our happy hour on March 5 at Blueberry Hill. Go to for more info.

Blogs he loves: I'm a big fan of It's run by one of our buddies, DJ Gallo, who also writes for Also, another sports-humor site based out of New York.

What's your comment moderation philosophy? Our motto is, we don't write anything we wouldn't feel proud for our moms to read. We never publish anything our moms wouldn't read. If somebody crosses that line, we'll restrict or delete comments altogether.

Does your mom read the blog? Oh yeah.

Provel — yes or no? Yes, absolutely. I'm St. Louis–born and –raised. I'm an Imo's guy.
— Keegan Hamilton

Courtney Chesley, a transplant from a not-so-far-away place she likes to call Bellevegas (Belleville), uses her eponymous blog to muse on craftmaking, thrift-store adventures and domestic life with "Mr. Husband Pants" and an old English sheepdog named Walter Bishop. Her voice is fresh and friendly, and after a while you feel like you've known her forever.

Age: 28

How long has your blog existed? About three years.

Why blog about your personal life? I'd just moved to St. Louis and was able to meet a lot of people through blogging. And it was a way of discovering the city. Once I met people who actually read my blog, I just kept going. It was like feeding a monster that didn't stop.

Does your husband read your blog? No. Maybe three posts in the history of court I think he just left his first comment. He is finally OK with it. I mean, he never really had a problem with me writing about our lives, because with his job it doesn't really matter, but it's still weird for him to read what I write.

When she blogs: At night. She can't sleep. This helps.

What she wears: Pajamas.

Have you thought about retiring? Definitely. It's a major time suckage. I have a real job, a craft business and another blog now. But if I don't post for a week, I start to miss getting the feedback and connecting with readers. So there's no end in sight.

What's your comment moderation philosophy? It's a G-rated blog for the most part, but you can drop an F-bomb sometimes, when it's appropriate. As long as you're not offensive personally, like racist, I'll allow it.

Had any memorable reader comments lately? We had to put my dog down last year, and I got the most comments I've ever had. It really stood out to me that a lot of people read the blog but never comment, yet everyone's had an experience with losing a pet.

Blogs she digs: Lo-Fi Saint Louis, the Bloggess and Apartment Therapy.

Provel? Yes. I didn't grow up eating it, but I do now.
— Kristen Hinman

Subterranean Books is a collaborative effort among the five staff members of the bookstore in the Delmar Loop. Kelly von Plonski, Alex Weir, Marina Hoag, Afsaneh Razani and Joe Betz take turns writing about their favorite new titles, goings-on in St. Louis and the book world, and their thoughts on what they've been reading lately. Store owner von Plonski spoke on behalf of her staff.

Age: Subterranean is ten years old.

How long has your blog existed? We started maybe six years ago. We started on Blogger, and I don't know if all the archived posts migrated to WordPress.

Why did you start this blog? We wanted to reflect the personality of the store. We have such a small staff, and it's super-important to give a glimpse into our personality.

Where they blog: I do it at the store or at home. I don't know where the others do it. Marina always posts at work, but I don't know if she does it ahead of time. If she writes those posts off the top of her head, I'd be like, wow, because they're always really thoughtful.

When they blog: I feel like I'm noticing more new posts at midday.

What do you like least about blogging? I hate writing. I'm not a writer. I have no skill whatsoever. I know Alex really likes to write. Marina, too.

Where do you find the kids who guest-review kids' books? They're regular customers. When we get review copies in, we tell them, "Take what you want, but you have to write for us about what you like."

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