When and where do you blog? Every morning on my laptop, from my kitchen table. I get dressed for blogging by putting on my boxers.

Have you ever not run a story at the request of a politician? Absolutely not. If they have something to say about an article, they can leave a comment on the story.

How do you choose a story to link to? I try to keep the reader in mind. I don't want to wade through inches of bullshit to get what I want.

Kelly von Plonski, Subterranean Books.
Emily Good
Kelly von Plonski, Subterranean Books.
Joe Stumble, Last Days of Man on Earth.
Emily Good
Joe Stumble, Last Days of Man on Earth.
John Combest.
Emily Good
John Combest.


Blogger Happy Hour!
Meet many of our "Blogger's Baker's Dozen" during our happy hour on March 5 at Blueberry Hill. Go to www.dailyrft.com/bloggers for more info.

Your most memorable reader e-mail? One day I got an e-mail from Martin Duggan [the erstwhile conservative Donnybrook provocateur]. We communicated occasionally and I was able to be a panelist on the show on election night 2008.

When are you going to update your blog's look? Soon. I've had several aborted — that's a bad word for Republicans to use — attempts.

Bloggers you love: Nationally, it begins and ends with Drudge. Locally, there's Dana Loesch, and my Republican friends hate this, but I read Fired Up! Missouri.

Provel, yes or no? Heck yes! Only on pizza and salad, though.
— Nick Lucchesi

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