With sound and fury, RFT readers render their judgment of conservative talk-show host Dana Loesch

A fair and balanced portrait: First, kudos to the author for an interesting, in-depth and impartial piece about a potentially controversial and polarizing personality ["Patriot Dame," Kristen Hinman]. You presented a multifaceted and complex individual — and not a one-dimensional cardboard cutout to be judged merely on a political viewpoint. I am pleased that, thanks to your piece, many more people who had never heard of Dana Loesch will now be introduced to her, and they will have the benefit of a full-spectrum picture of her in this article. Being that the RFT tends to lean leftward, some of us who love Dana had some trepidation about a profile piece about her. Thank you for dispelling those fears with a fair and balanced piece. It's appreciated.
Doug, St. Peters, via the Internet

If she only had a brain: She's just Sarah Palin with tattoos and half a brain. But hey, in a world of retards, the woman with half a brain is queen. Enjoy your fifteen minutes of fame, sweetie.
Big Picture, via the Internet

Political flesh sucker: She is following the philosophy that nothing gets you more attention than being a train wreck, all the while leading a scary, blinded-by-the-light group of followers. She is a vampire, sucking on this little bit of political flesh right now. And this article has done nothing to expose her for the hypocrite she is.
A Blogger, St. Louis, via the Internet

A woman for our time: The hate comes out in these comments, but that's to be expected. Jealousy of success always brings out haters. There's no better antidote to the lies and smears of the Tea Party haters then meeting us in person. You can rant online, but you can't hide the truth from someone in real life. And, as the article reveals, those who meet Dana get the impression of an honest but fiery personality whose time has come.
Jim Durbin, St. Louis, via the Internet

Riverfront Slimes, ouch! Wow. The RFT can't help but try to make every conservative into an over-the-top controversial figure. Of all the things to talk about, a Tweeting catfight? And one that was exacerbated by one of the RFT's own contributors? Hey, pass me the National Enquirer. Hey, RFT, here is a novel idea: How about one fair journalist on your staff, just for the sake of diversity. You know, a real conservative. You may have heard about them. Surely you can find one somewhere and add an ounce of credibility to the Riverfront Slimes.
Donuna, St. Louis, via the Internet

Unhappy camper: Are you fucking kidding me with this Dana Loesch rising mist of a fart shit? Isn't it bad enough that I have to listen to the dumbing down of our nation going on in all major media? Now it's on the cover of the RFT. Please, God, nooooo! Where is the sanity? Where are the facts? Teabagger, teabagger, teabagger. There, I feel better.
JC, St. Louis, via the Internet

Fakin' it: I am a critic of Dana Loesch because I perceive her as an opportunist of the worst kind — the kind of opportunist who embraces a political philosophy for money and success. The reality is that Dana is more of a liberal than she is conservative, but liberalism just doesn't pay well. Loesch has been faking her way for a long time, and she is being rewarded by a disinterested fan base not clever or savvy enough to catch on.
Heidi, St. Louis, via the Internet

Try using some intellect: We get it about the hardscrabble upbringing, yadda yadda. But that's no excuse for going through your so-called adult professional life with a potty-mouth and flipping the bird at everyone who doesn't agree with you. Dana, I'll be impressed when you start responding to your detractors with intellect instead of insults, with facts instead of F-bombs. Until then, my dear, you are simply "entertainment." Enjoy the ride.
The Way I See It, via the Internet

Send in the clowns: The fact that someone so young could be so passionately misinformed on social issues is beyond sad. And the fact that this uneducated, shrill circus clown is headed for "stardom" on the vile talk-radio circuit is yet another sad reminder of how a small but irritating group in this country reward bad behavior with fat contracts and unmerited accolades.

Other than all of that, though, she seems like a real "sweet gal."
Cameron, Richmond Heights, via the Internet

Dana's critics best beware: Dana is awesome. Those of you haters who go so far as to attack her family have a great big kick in the backside coming, courtesy of karma! Keep up the good work, Dana!
BabaBooey, Jefferson County, via the Internet

No love lost: Let's be clear: Many of us dislike Dana because she is a childish, condescending, holier-than-thou, arrogant person. It's not because we disagree with her beliefs. Dana has made a career out of spouting hateful, dishonest and shameful attacks on anyone she disagrees with. Look up the definition of hypocrite and there you will find Dana Loesch. As long as she continues to spread hate and misinformation in an attempt to gain fame and fortune, she will be my nemesis.
Sonia, St. Louis, via the Internet

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