Loesch connects: Dana's success is due to hard work and raw talent. She takes advantage of opportunities that rightly come her way, so good for her. I think it's refreshing to see someone become successful following their passion. That's the beauty of living in this awesome country of ours. Those who don't agree with Dana's political views or style can choose not to listen to her or read her work. She obviously resonates with many, as evidenced by her continued success. I predict we will be seeing much more of Dana Loesch, and I am glad!
Laura F., St. Charles, via the Internet

Dana makes Dina think: She is a writer who is able to get into my head and make me think. Her passion for what she believes incites me to get up off my apathetic duff and research the issues myself. I am sorry that there are some who think that Dana has blind followers, but I think that she has just as many empowered followers as well.
Dina, St. Louis, via the Internet

Loesch offers cheap thrills: I wonder if Dana even understands that she's just cheap entertainment — like a Jerry Springer guest. I wonder how someone who misspells and uses bad grammar can homeschool children properly. And what about being a young kid and hearing your mom rant, rave and insult people on the air, calling them "butt cracks" and "douchebags"? Gee, what a classy chick.
Harry, via the Internet

Dana's charred soul: Dana, and all of the other Danas of the world, feeds upon anger, fear and ignorance — just like carnivores tearing at whatever carcass is available to them. I hope that her short-lived fame as a clown makes up for her charred soul.
Michelle Malkin's Conscience, via the Internet

An honor to know: I have had the honor of getting to know Dana and others in the Tea Party movement, and I have found her to be nothing but gracious and kind. Some mistake her passion for screaming and may be intimidated by a strong-willed, tough, no-holds-barred woman. But that is only because they have not had the opportunity to get to know her. I would also like to take my hat off to the author of this article. If the Post-Dispatch had reporters of such high caliber and integrity as the RFT seems to have, then they would still be the paper of note in the St. Louis area — and bloggers like me would be out of work.
Patch W. Adams, St. Louis, via the Internet

Dana rocks: Dana is absolutely amazing. She not only knows stuff, but she seems to be well-rounded, down to earth, and she was awesome when I met her in person. She is only going to get a larger and larger following. Rock on, Dana!
Dan S., Florissant, via the Internet

Pulling a Beck: I guess the joke's on all of us. Had no idea Dana was doing a Colbert. She needs to be a little more over the top so that more people can be in on the joke. Otherwise, it looks too real. She's not too far removed from Hannity or Beck. Or wait — are they doing a Colbert too? Is that it? The great cosmic joke is no one can really believe all that conservo-nonsense, right? Y'all had me going there for a minute! Glad to hear it's all just a joke!
Nobody, via the Internet

In Ellis E. Conklin's March 4 news story "Heavy Duty," we erroneously stated that the St. Louis Fire Department's Emergency Medical Services operates 24 ambulances. It operates 13.

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