RZ: No, the record before that. But on this one we made an effort to make it earthy, real strings, not emulators.

TP: That was partly Julian [Raymond].

RN: I think it was the songs that dictated it.

Cheap Trick performs at South By Southwest.
Dana Plonka
Cheap Trick performs at South By Southwest.

RZ: I was excited about that, and we filmed it. That footage will see the light of day sometime.

Was there a moment when you said, This is too hard, I've had enough of the business?

RZ: Every day. Just yesterday.

RN: We did an interview three or so before you and the writer asked if I had a magic snail.... [Sighs] I'd heard it all.... You know, when the Red Ant album came out [in 1997]. We work hard on these records. And then the record company just...

RZ: Two weeks after the record came out, the company folded. No distribution, nothing. There was a mistake with the bar code. The album was called Cheap Trick, so even if it was in the store, if people would order it, they would get the first record which was also called Cheap Trick.

RN: It was discouraging, but we've never let success or the lack of it stop of us.

RZ: But here we are in Austin. We're always going to be around even when we're not around.

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