I don't know if you pay attention to critics, but there's been criticism of the tempo of the record. One writer called it a "no-tempo" album.

Midlake: The vicar will see you now.
Midlake: The vicar will see you now.

Location Info


Old Rock House

1200 S. 7th St.
St. Louis, MO 63104

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: St. Louis - Soulard


8 p.m. Saturday, May 15.
The Old Rock House, 1200 South Seventh Street.
$13 in advance, $15 day of show.

We knew that there was a benchmark that we set with Van Occupanther, or at least a comparison. People would say, "Do I get this? Do I like this album better?" I know this record has a slower pace, and the songs are darker because they're in a minor key. So, if that's not something people dig, they're not going to like it. And that's fine. When I look at albums by artists I like, I think each is its own thing, has its own place. This one is an album from beginning to end, with a vibe, a feeling. You want people to listen from front to back and get into that place. Maybe you wonder what people are going to think, but you can't be controlled by that. No. Here's the album we're making, we hope people like it and stay with us and see where we're going next.

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